Emma and the hard working team at The Plant Room were so amazing in helping us execute the vision for our Bondi restaurant. The tall cacti and lush greenery really bring the restaurant to life.

- Fonda

Beautiful. Luscious. Slick. Vibrant

The team at The Plant Room has been wonderful. Our office is oozing stylish green.

- CX Agency Lavender

Walking into The Plant Room, it's impossible not to feel connected to the energy created by such an incredible collection of handcrafted furniture, ceramics, art, blankets and lush green plant life. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the journey, I value immensely the support and wisdom imparted by Em along the way. As a maker it is a special feeling to be able to share my collection in a space surrounded by so many beautiful and carefully curated pieces, where each piece is truly held and honoured. My relationship with The Plant Room has been incremental to the ongoing growth and forward movement of my craft and i am stoked to be a part of the space.

- JD Lee