Our vision is shared through a concept, retail and community space in Sydney, from which we offer a carefully curated selection of indoor plants alongside handmade furniture, ceramics, beautiful artworks and vintage pieces that we have sourced from like minded makers all over the world.

The Plant Room is a place where you are invited to connect over a cup of tea, to learn and to nurture oneself through workshops and events, and to be regularly inspired through access to beautiful design and expert advice.

We believe that a home is a home when it centres on the life inside its walls - if its occupants are the heart, then handmade items and thriving greenery are the soul. They help us feel a connectedness to nature and to one another. We simply can’t live without them.

We are forever interested in the psychology of home and by the way in which each of us chooses to make our own. We believe that the home space is important, sublime even - a manifestation of all that is important, of family, friends and an expression our innerselves.

Born from a spirit of growth and a curiosity about the wonders of nature, The Plant Room fosters connection and community. Above all, The Plant Room is a meeting place for us all to come together and celebrate that life, is growth. 

The Plant Room has been built with love and purpose to;

Propagate, Educate and Collaborate.


Meet the Founder - Emma McPherson(we call her simply, M).

“When I reflect on my life so far, all of the disconnected paths I have travelled were leading to The Plant Room. A service to others, the innate desire to give back and continual growth have all been the themes that have shaped who I am and have in turn, become the ethos of the business.

Before launching The Plant Room I spent years studying metaphysics, parapsychology and astrology. I also studied Gestalt Therapy and started my own practice, working with people in addiction.

When I had my little boy in 2011, I moved from psychotherapy into design. The idea of studying design had come from one of my closest friends who had said that I had a beautiful way of creating a space that is holding and healing. She gave me the name of a course and I signed up the next week. 

I grew up in the 70’s, a decade whose muse was mother nature. My family home was full of earthy ceramics, lush plants, and beautiful art. Everything had been created with love, usually by hand, and had a direct connection to the natural world. This design philosophy has remained deeply rooted in me.

Vedic meditation is also what rests at the crux of The Plant Room’s existence. It has become a vital part of my daily life and helped me to realise that I wanted to provide a space that celebrates the spirit of creation, one that anyone could enter and leave with a sense of deeper connection to themselves and their environment.

Once I tapped into this idea I couldn’t let it go, it was bigger than me and something I needed to share. With my family’s support, I decided to pursue a heart-centred life. I had no idea how to run a business, but I started anyway - and so, The Plant Room was born.”