Community rests at the heart of what we do. As a successful small business who have been warmly welcomed and supported by everyone in the Manly area, we love to use our resources to benefit local charities and groups that are well aligned with our values.


One of the ways in which we are giving back is to offer our partner charities a beautiful space in which to connect and heal. We set up the space for them, offer light refreshments and provide them with a private and secure place to meet. Our community partners include Northern Beaches Council LGBTIQA+ Youth Support Group, GLAM, local charity One Eighty’s fortnightly ‘Open Up’ Sessions and we also offer the space for our friend and Vedic Meditation guru Mark Blondel to host Group Meditation hangouts and workshops.

We have also recently partnered with a very special women’s shelter on the North Shore called Mary’s House. When the time is right to re-house women back into their own homes, The Plant Room gifts the women with a beautiful potted plant, to provide hope and nourishment for the next part of their journey.



GLAM is a social support group for young people aged 12 to 21 of diverse genders and sexualities. It provides a sense of belonging, an enjoyable space to socialise and learn about the LGBTQIA+ community, offering trust, respect and friendships, having fun, and access to support if needed.

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Vedic meditation is simple, profound, proven and best of all, easy to learn. Anyone can practice it and the benefits are astonishing. To find out more you can attend one of Mark’s free introductory courses which are held regularly in Sydney and on the Sapphire Coast.

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ONE EIGHTY is a mental health charity founded by four young Avalon locals (all under 25 years of age) who wanted to act on the frustration and anger they were feeling about the lack of access to services and general awareness of mental illness. Their Open Up sessions are about offering people the time and space to have casual and honest conversations about the real shit that goes on in everyone’s lives. It's for young people to share with other young people, normalising stuff that was once hard to talk about. One Eighty’s dream is to have Open Up sessions in all local communities around Australia.

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Mary’s House is a refuge, providing essential services and relief to women and children who have suffered through domestic violence.

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