Retail: The Plant Room Store


Our intention for The Plant Room store was to evoke the feeling that you have entered into a friend’s home, eyeing everything off with curiosity, understanding more and more about this person’s character through their space. The retail vision was to style it like a home - not a store. So that when you see a piece you love, it is much easier to visualise it in your own space. Everything you see and enjoy in The Plant Room is available for purchase (except for our staff…and the record player, we’re a bit attached to those).

Our homewares, from the wall hangings to ceramics, woven baskets and soft furnishings are all hand-made by local and international artisans, doing what they love, and making a living through their craft. If you are looking for something green, we can help you pick the perfect indoor plant for your space. We use expertise and experience to consider where each plant sits in its natural environment and try to recreate these conditions in your home.

Commercial & Residential Plant Styling

Green makes everyone happy and we love to spread mother nature gift's via our commercial and residential styling service. Whether it is a commercial space, a restaurant, or a home, we help you to choose the right plants and style them to create an interior that is full of warmth and inspires connection. More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of having a connection to nature in the work environment and providing a healthy and happy space for their staff. Research shows that plants not only remove toxins out of the air, but they make people happier and more productive.

We come in, assess the space and conditions, discuss the client’s needs and budget, then provide them with a quote for the plants that will work best in their space. We also do a lot of work with restaurants and bars, often working closely with Architects and Interior Designers to assist with the placement and styling of greenery. Some of the brands we have worked with include Aesop, Lululemon, Country Road, Fonda in Bondi, The Greenhouse, The Veranda Bar, The Greenwood Hotel, as well as Camilla & Marc.

Our residential clients don’t always have extensive knowledge of plants or know how they will work best in their environment. We come in and assess their home, paying attention to light levels, the direction the windows are facing, and style of the home, and then we recommend the plants which are best suited for their space and their aesthetic. Then we get to the fun part - designing and decorating it for them.

Plant Maintenance

Our philosophy is that plants should thrive rather than survive. We offer plant maintenance services to help your plants live long and lush lives.

We understand that staff are there to do their jobs, and our job is to look after the plants, watering, fertilising, moving them around. and god-forbid replacing when necessary. We completely maintain your plants so that they thrive, and so that you don’t have to worry.

The Plant Room maintenance team has flexible terms, offering a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service. It all depends on your level of awareness and understanding of plants, as well as the amount of time you have to care for them.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and get a quote:

Space Hire

The Plant Room is a meeting place, and we love to share it with our community. Our beautiful space is available for hire, for anything from film and photo shoots to various workshops and events. With over 100 square metres and two different areas to choose from, possibilities are endless. The space can be styled to meet your needs, with delicious and nutritious in-house catering options available. All bookings come with nourishing herbal tea, on tap and endless, just the way we like it.

Whiskey Mountain Stay

At Bawley Point the bush meets the see in a beautiful grove of gum trees that stand like sentinels over the ocean. People smile, say hi as they walk by, stop for a chat and have a deep desire to connect with each other. It's a place to relax, unwind and connect with the things that matter most; self, family, friends and nature. Free from crowds, phones and the everyday busyness that prevents us from just being.

When I’m here I meditate, I write, I feel, I swim and relax, and I always leave feeling more grounded and inspired. It’s peaceful and powerful.

We wanted a special place where we could go as a family, where we could build memories of long, lazy holidays by the beach, hanging out with friends. A place that we could come together with the people we love and connect, deeply. And to share with our broader community.