The Warehouse + Alley

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Whiskey Mountain Stay

At Bawley Point the bush meets the see in a beautiful grove of gum trees that stand like sentinels over the ocean. People smile, say hi as they walk by, stop for a chat and have a deep desire to connect with each other. It's a place to relax, unwind and connect with the things that matter most; self, family, friends and nature. Free from crowds, phones and the everyday busyness that prevents us from just being.

When I’m here I meditate, I write, I feel, I swim and relax, and I always leave feeling more grounded and inspired. It’s peaceful and powerful.

We wanted a special place where we could go as a family, where we could build memories of long, lazy holidays by the beach, hanging out with friends. A place that we could come together with the people we love and connect, deeply. And to share with our broader community.