Whiskey Mountain Stay

Life at Whiskey Mountain is simple, we’ve kept it that way for a reason. Everything has been thoughtfully selected, with muted tones and warmth, so that people feel instantly relaxed and at home as soon as they walk in the door. The textures are sensory, everything feels beautiful to the touch and your eyes get a treat wherever they land.

It’s simple luxury…..that soothes the soul.

While it may not have all the modern conveniences, it’s full of simple luxuries that allow for deep contemplation and connection. We enjoy rain water from a tank and wash up at the end of a meal,  with gratitude for the food and company. The plates, bowls and cups, are all made by hand and with love, so to wash them at the end of the meal is a ritual of thanks. To the maker of the food and the vessel that holds it.


Whiskey Mountain is located in Bawley Point. A peaceful beach side suburb, surrounded by groves of gum trees and grounded in the natural environment. It's a 2 hour drive from Canberra and 3.5 hour drive from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. 

What to bring

Bring yourself, your friends, your swimmers and a jumper for those colder nights. We have everything that is required to make for a comfortable stay, while simplifying life in only the best way.

Bed Configurations

We have two spaces on the property and can sleep up tp 8 people. The main house is two bedrooms with a queen bed in one and two single beds in the other. The Shed has a queen bed, king single and trundle. All bedding, pillows and blankets are supplied. We know the wide array of preferences when it comes to pillows so have provided for every type, whether it’s feather or latex we have you covered, as long as you don't all want the same.

The Shed is a work in progress and yet to be lined. We’ll also be putting in a bathroom and laundry. In the mean time we provide this space at no added cost, so if you’re a family of 4 or a gang of 8, the prices are the same.

 Linen and towels 

All linen and towels, including beach towels are provided.


TV - we decided to leave the main house free of a TV, so it's down in the shed. With our desire to get back to the simple life and away from the disconnection of the city, and everything that comes with it, we do not have foxtel, netflix or mainstream TV. What we do have is a massive selection of awesome DVD’s

Wifi - we tried to go without but after two 4 hour trips back to Sydney to work we decided to put it in, so if you need to log-on while you’re away, you can.

Log Fire - It heats the entire house and brings the Whiskey Mountain feels.

BBQ - yeh we do, it’s simple and primitive and is awesome to sit around with friends, there’s no gas, just a whole lot of sticks and wood and you have to kneel like you’re worshipping the bbq gods. We love it….

Books - there’s heaps of books, all there to help you drop in ….

Turntable and vinyl - Johnny is a genius when it comes to curating a collection, he has thought of everyone and everything.

Kids - we have one of our own and we love them, there are games, lego, skateboards and heaps of DVD's to keep them entertained on cloudy days.

Full workable kitchen including sharp knives

Washing machine

Aesop products for your hair and skin to keep you clean and salt free.

 And what about the beaches

There’s is a huge selection of beaches, whatever the wind or swell direction there’s a beach or point break to suite the conditions. Whether surfing, bathing, or reading a book in the sun. 

Restaurants, cafe's, walks, shopping, there's loads to do in the area and we've listed them all for you in the house.


Our stay at Whiskey Mountain beach house  was the perfect escape... a bespoke, hidden treasure where nature abounds, and we could hear, once again, our deep inner peace that can so easily be clouded by city life.
Absolutely picturesque, with multiple beautiful Bawley beaches to choose from, given our mood for the day. Long days spent lazing and soaking in the magic, feeling supported by the thoughtful touches and beautiful design of every room. 
A short stay but a deep return to connection and an absolute recharge of the batteries. Time spent at Whiskey Mountain is very well spent.